A Gift with Meaning

The Holidays are upon us, and with that come the many questions of what to gift those special people in our lives.  This year has been full of so many surprises, but the best of all was my fiancé agreeing to marry me.  This time of year is extra special to us because we not only celebrate our favorite holiday, but our anniversary as well.  My goal this Christmas was to find a special gift that would represent her and the love we share.  I most definitely didn’t want to overwhelm myself with this task, so I looked to Pandora’s new gifting tool to help me come up with a few choices.  This tool allows you to select a) who you’re gifting for, b) what you’re celebrating, and c) what personality trait fits her best- happy, romantic, free spiritied, etc….

I quickly inserted: girlfriend, Christmas, happy; I was immediately given various options that fit her profile, and was able to select my favorite pieces.  Before making my final decisions, I shared my top 5 selections with her best friend to assist me and provide that much needed second opinion.  I greatly appreciate the option of sharing my selections because it’s always too hard for me to narrow down alone.  In this case, I chose someone who’s closest to Ash, and who knows her just as well as me! Together, we were able to find the perfect pieces that we know she’ll love.

I selected several charms under my profile to create a cute bracelet reminiscent of the Holiday.  I also opted for a star necklace, earring, and ring set.  For daily use, Ashley likes small, simple pieces.  She’s been wearing the same dainty necklace for years, so this is the perfect time for a new one!  I chose the star because it’s one of her favorite shapes, and completely different than anything she has.  I wanted my gift to have meaning and set apart from her usual pieces, so choosing from Pandora was an easy and natural fit- talk about no brainer!  I can’t wait to see her smile when she opens her gifts.  Stay tuned for the big reveal!

– Blake Scott

Thank you Pandora for the sponsored post.  All writing, opinion, styling and photography is my own.

Ashley Estrada

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