A Living Grand Celebration: Diwali

I had the privilege of attending one of the most spectacular events to date at Grand Hyatt Mumbai’s Living Grand for Diwali celebration.  Moments before entering the event location, I dressed in a traditional Indian jacket and blue trousers to begin the nights festivities.  The grandeur of the evening began at the gates where we drove through a winding road of festive light displays which led us to a red carpet where we sipped cocktails and mingled with other guests. There were a combination of socialites, journalists, and influencers from around the globe who flew into Mumbai to celebrate Diwali. To begin the event, a surprise performance commenced leading us to our dinner! Black curtains dropped to the change in music and we got our first look into the opulence of our dinner setting.  Glimmering lights shone from across the room with private waiters behind each seat.  The setting was simply astounding in the greatest ways possible.  Decor was set up by Grand Hyatt Mumbai’s lifestyle partner, Good Earth;  Lanterns filled the walkways, while heaps of burning candles lined the tables.

The beauty of India’s culture was reinforced throughout the night by colorful table settings, dramatic dance performances, and fantastic cuisine!  Grand Hyatt Mumbai’s GM stated that the Grand Hyatt brand “celebrates grandness in service, design, and hospitality” which was apparent all evening.  The attention to detail was insane and each guest felt connected and valued throughout the night.  Grandeur continued with each meal and performance, and ended with an amazing pyrotechnics display revealing the #LivingGrand hashtag.  As the night went on, I was reminded that opulence and grandeur is only half of the Living Grand experience.  Living Grand is in the company we share, and the work we create with our peers.  Ashley and I are so grateful to have been a part of the Grand Diwali celebration where we immersed ourself into the core of Indian culture, and made friends with amazing souls around the globe.

Many thanks to the entire Grand Hyatt team for an experience of a lifetime!

If you guys are interested in video footage for the evening, i’ve attached a link here.

We have many more posts from India to come, so stay tuned!


Team TSE

Team TSE

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  1. DJ

    Love these shots man! You guys look great as well, would love to see more travel posts like this.

    DJ | http://www.collegestyleguy.com