Always Workin’ it

Just like there are trends for fashion, there are trends for hair.  Thankfully, we’re living in an age where that “trend” is individuality and self-expression.  There isn’t uniformity when it comes to trendy hair styles, since most guys differ naturally based on personal style and hair type (texture, cut, etc).  The thing that I feel really sets apart hair looks is the product the guy chooses.  Without the right product, you won’t be able to achieve your desired look.

Luckily for us guys, got2b has created a varied product line which allows us to embrace our differences and really achieve that look that makes us so uniquely us!  I’ve had the opportunity to test out a few products from their current line, and I must say I’ve been really loving the ‘Always Working It’ phenomenal molding paste for styling. As you guys have probably noticed, I’ve been enjoying  a more laid-back disheveled hairstyle for my “off-duty” days, and use the exact product to also create my sleek-and-tailored look for my suited days.  If I want to add some thickness with a natural sheen, i’ll mix a bit of the styling cream for the perfect look.  Best of both worlds with my new favorite combo.

If you guys want to check out any products from the got2b line, you can check them out and grab a coupon here to try yourself!I would love to hear your thoughts and which products you like best.


Blake Scott

#alwaysworkinit #got2standout


Ashley Estrada

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