Best Margarita of 2018 with Patrón

Margarita Day is something that should be celebrated with a group of friends or a
wife like I did…Why you ask, because there are various types of Margaritas and
chances are you are gonna want more than one (it’ll be fun to share).
Patrón has a pretty cool Margarita competition going on right now on their website,
and we decided to try those recipes at home. Patrón has selected seven bartenders
from around the world to design their own interpretations of the Perfect Margarita
using a variety of fresh flavor combinations inspired by their local region.
Each cocktail gives a nod to the classic recipe, while also shaking things up with a
combination of ingredients like cayenne-chile and blackberry shrub – even lychee
and chia seeds – to highlight the versatility of one of the world’s most popular and
enduring cocktails.
Ashley and I teamed up with Patron to celebrate by making some (all of them, lol) at
home margaritas using these. We will then go and cast our vote for our favorite
Margarita! If you’re of age, check it out!
Be a part of the “Search for 2018’s Margarita of the Year” (which has just begun) at
MargaritaOftheYear.com where you can vote once daily for your favorite recipe. The
drink which recipes the most votes will be announced on another celebratory
tequila occasion, Cinco de Mayo. I already have my favorite can you guess which

Blake Scott

Allen Daniel

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