Breaking apart a 3 piece suit.

Today, Perkens and I decided to dress up for a boys breakfast.  If you guys already know us, you know twe enjoy dressing up on the regular, so we wanted to step out of our comfort zones, and decided to do something different with the looks.  For me, I started by breaking apart a 3 piece suit, and paring it with a chambray bespoke blazer.  Now, my 3 piece suit is a cotton-silk  blend, so its extremely soft and relaxing, typically something you wouldn’t pair with chambray.  Luckily for me, the chambray I chose was softer then a baby’s butt (not typical for chambray), and it blended in seamlessly (and more important, effortlessly).  Perkens stood in the same color palate, which is hard to do, and added a dark turtleneck sweater to differentiate his look.  This guy always makes it look so easy, he just gets it!

Remember Gentlemen, when you do break apart suits, try and stick with similar fabric or at least texture. IF you are still unsure, try and stick with seasons.  For instance, pair Sping-Summer, and Fall-Winter, but I wouldn’t pair them all.  Can you imagine wearing linen pants, and a wool blazer? LOL

Dress well, feel great….

Have an amazing day Gents!


Blake Scott

Allen Daniel

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