Brooklyn Snow

Visited Brooklyn for a coffee tour with some new friends.
They took us over to the waterfront for a wonderful view of the city.
Here’s what i’m wearing…
The gloves I took for the trip were perfect for breezy LA nights, but didn’t hold up to well in New York.
Luckily, my friend lone me these awesome cashmere lined babies that
were as comfortable as they were stylish.
While on the subject of accessories, I paired my Meister watch, with a classic cashmere Burberry scarf.
The “Teneré” by Andrés Sendra– a full brogue-wingtip boot- was the perfect shoe to get me through the Brooklyn snow.
They withstood the weather, and looked amazing paired with denim, and suits during NYFW.
They were definitely attention grabbers, and the warm tone of the tan calfskin stood out in the cool climate.

Beanie: H&M

Glasses: zeroUV, c/o

Coat: Zara

Scarf: Burberry

Jeans: DUFFIE, c/o

Shoes: Andrés Sendra, c/o

SIP: Blue Bottle, Brooklyn, NY & Toby’s Estate, Brooklyn, NY

We visited Toby’s Estate in the a.m., and then walked through Brooklyn to explore the city.
Last we visited New York, we stood in Park Slope, so this time, Williamsburg was a must!
We only seen a small portion of the city due to the snow, and freezing temps.
We’re hoping to visit again during the Spring to really take in the beauty, culture, and lifestyle that is spewing off the streets.
Blake Scott & Ashley Tianah

Ashley Estrada

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