Early December, we packed our bags and headed to Miami with Persol for our second annual Basel trip.  We had various activities set up to celebrate art in its truest form.  Our second day in Miami was spent on a yacht with some friends.  I had never been on a yacht before, but I couldn’t think of a better place then Miami to have this experience!  We all took to the sea in the new Cellor collection by Persol which pays an ode to 50’s Italian cinema with it’s vintage charm, classic frames and reimagined foldable versions.  The Cellor is by far one of my favorite styles because of it’s versatility and timeless style.  I modernized it a bit by choosing some cool reflective lenses against the classic tortoise frame.  With the new foldable feature, i’m able to consolidate them and fit them in the inside of my jacket pocket.

I had such a great time making some new friends and creating unforgettable memories that get reiterated at least twice a week by an ongoing 17 person group chat- no joke!  Hope you enjoy the way I styled these bad boys!


Blake Scott

Ashley Estrada

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