#ClubRound at Coachella

Last weekend was my first Coachella ever- crazy right- and I’m so happy I was able to experience it with the baddest crew around.  Ray-Ban put together an awesome group of influencers from around the States to document their experience through the lens of their ClubRound Icons.

Ash and I checked into the Onassis estate in Palm Springs were we were escorted into our room to find two huge gift bags- or survival kits, per se- of Coachella necessities: official Coachella caps, sunscreen, bandanas, advil, and of course, sunglasses!  I chose the classic black/gold frame because they’re my favorite from Ray-Ban.  I’ve been wearing the ‘Clubmaster’ for years, and was so happy to find a different style that was still very similar.  I’m a creature of habit with particular things, sunnies being one of them, and it’s been tough to break my routine.  The ‘Clubround’ frame was awesome and literally fit everybody perfectly!  I guess that’s the thing about iconic eyewear, it suits every person, every style, and elevates every look immediately!

I kept my outfits very simple, with lightweight materials since I knew it was going to be hot. I’ll post a secondary article with all of my IG shots, outfits, and outfit details over the weekend in case you’re interested.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures from my first full Coachella weekend! If you’re planning on visiting weekend 2, make sure you stay hydrated, wear tons of sunscreen, pack a bandana for those dusty nights, and of course, DO NOT forget your sunglasses!


Blake Scott

Ashley Estrada

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7 Responses to #ClubRound at Coachella

  1. Ria

    Loving that first shirt print.

    • admin

      Thank you, Ria!

  2. Nice post Blake! It’s weird seeing you wear a “casual” outfit but you definitely pulled it well. I wish I would have rocked those shirts to Coachella!


    • admin

      Thanks Alex,

      Since it was festival attire there way no way I was going to wear a suit LOL. Thanks for the love my man!

    • Thanks Dude, lol. It feels a bit awkward for me as well. But, if I do go casual, I like these simple color matched looks.
      Have an awesome day and thanks for reading along!