Corduroy Suiting

Was finally able to wear this corduroy baby while in New York 2 weeks ago.

Prior to this week, LA had seen consecutive weeks of 90+ degrees-

there was no way I could’ve braved the heat to shoot this.

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I was never able to experience

real seasons- I finally get it!  The importance of layering has been

unearthed, and is no longer a thing to do when the temp hits below 60 – err, I mean, 30?

After an early breakfast with Ash in the Upper West Side, we headed over to

Mack Weldon studios to check out their offices, and get a behind the scenes look

at all their goodies.

 Everywhere in NYC is so picturesque.  It was hard walking

a few blocks without reaching into our packs for the camera.  No matter

how many times we frequent the city, the experiences are always new, and there

are always unfamiliar corners to discover.


Of all the sock color ways and varieties, solids are my current fave.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the polka dots and stripes, but solids have been rocking

my feet for the past few weeks.  It’s a nice refreshing look, and feels a little more

mature or grown-up in some way.  The socks pictured above are from Mack Weldon.


We passed through Times Square after MW, in route for a suit fitting.

This cord suit by Brooklyn Tailors x GAP collab got me through

a full day of meals and meetings.  I paired the brown suit with a Moods of Norway

cable knit sweater, light accessories, and blue Twillory shirt .

Wearing corduroy is somewhat nostalgic of my youth, but with a cool

modern take.  It’s not something my mom forces me to wear on a special occasion,

but something tailored and perfected by modern designers: Brooklyn Tailors.

Make sure to hashtag #blakescott if you get a chance to wear your

favorite cord combo- i’d love to check it out!


Blake Scott



Ashley Estrada

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