Dapper Cycling

I’ve been taking full advantage of the extra hours of sunlight and spending a lot of time outdoors.  I thought it’d be fun to shoot something that also happens to be one of my favorite pastimes: cycling.  I’ve been into bikes since I was a kid, and it always feels like second nature when i’m riding.                        Today, I rode in a more grown-up, sophisticated version of myself : )                               If you’re following me on Snapchat (@ScottEffect), you may already know some of my favorite outdoor activities: basketball, frisbee, tennis, bicycling…

Ash and I rode on over to our local coffee shop in BKC’s Calyer during Golden Hour; There’s nothing quite like the ones we experience here in LA!

The Calyer by Brooklyn Bicycle Co. comes 3-speed with road racing handlebars, and a sleek body. I absolutely love the contrasting green tone to the cream tires and brown accents.  It makes it pretty easy to throw on some ‘dapper’ gear and ride into the city ; )

Ashley Estrada

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