Denim Days

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When off duty (non suit), you can always find me in some super comfy, yet fitted denim. Most guys struggle with finding a happy medium between a pair of denim that can be used on the daily, but not make you look sloppy. So many times I see dudes rocking jeans that are either way too long, or way to baggy. I’m not saying your pants need to be “skinny fit”,but they do need to lend to your shape. I recently discovered Express denim , and the various types of fits. They have something for everyone at Express; from skinny to super skinny, and even classic fit! What every you fancy, they got it! But, what I like most is that they offer stretch fit, which in my opinion is a win on all aspects! If you are just a little active on the daily like me, you’re going to love Express jeans.

For todays look, I styled a denim on denim look. I wore a western light denim colored shirt and some skinny stretch jeans as I was going to be bicycling around the city. I didn’t want to be so constricted while on the bike, and I also didn’t want to look sloppy, so these Express stretchy fit were perfect! I tend to buy my pants a little shorter then normal, so that they are cropped right at the ankle. It honestly saves you a trip to the tailor, and you can wear them right away! I ended up wearing these jeans the whole day, and literally haven’t taken them off since!

Thank you to Express for partnering me on this blog post.


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4 Responses to Denim Days

  1. Great article Blake!
    Denim always works very well. Great outfit as always mate!
    Sascha Venus

  2. Found you through gents lounge and i must say your site is inspiring. loving the outfits you pull together. keep crushing it man, nothing better then seeing someone succeed at their passion!