Dressing for Summer

LA is well into Summer weather, so i’ve been tackling the heat by opting for lightweight fabrics and no-show socks.

My favorite options are linen and seersucker for obvious reasons.  I’m a bit stubborn and insist on wearing jackets to meetings. I mean, presentation is key and I always feel my best and put together with a blazer on.  No-show socks are amazing and save our feet and shoes – especially in the warmer months.  My favorite are by Mack Weldon and you can shop them here.  They have a fantastic no-slip grip at the heel and are extremely comfortable.  Ash even snags a couple of pairs for herself : )


Blake Scott


Ashley Estrada

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One Response to Dressing for Summer

  1. DJ

    Agree with the no-show socks statement. A near foot-changing experience, ha!

    DJ- http://www.tailormade-style.com