Dtla Test drive with Audi

 Today, I had the opportunity to test out the redesigned Audi Q5. Now, I didn’t just drive this beauty around, I made it a part of my everyday life and utilized each new feature I could find. I always say: you are your own limit. I’m the type of person that’ up super early (6am), at the gym by 7:30 working on emails by 9. I am my biggest motivator for getting stuff done. Once my morning routine is complete, I move on to the fun part of my day where I drive all around the greater Los Angeles area in search of cool new locations to shoot content 


When I was offered to test out the new Audi Q5, I read about how the new “cutting-edge technology meets edge-of-your-seat performance”. I was super excited to take it for a spin. At first sight, you know the car is in a class of its own; the Q5 is the epitome of a luxury SUV. One of my favorite features of the car was the panoramic sunroof which offers unmatched views to the city around you. There are also specialized smartphone features that any blogger would love (I know I did). 


I drove all over town from coffee shops, to the tailor, and, even a little shopping; This bad boy got me everywhere in no time. The car looks like an SUV but has the quickness of a sports car. What I believe is the cherry on top, is the fact that I was able to fit so much in the SUV itself, the cargo space is insane (had at least 3 suits, 4 shoes, and 2 weekenders in the back). 


After all was complete, I was able to catch the sunset in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Just another way to make driving the Audi Q5 that much more special!

Blake Scott

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One Response to Dtla Test drive with Audi

  1. Genius ride!! Classy ride meeting classy style!
    You are rocking that Audi! Drive it to his roots in Germany man, I will be warm welcoming you!


    Sascha Venus