Effortless Style {for everyday}

When you have no time in the morning to think about your look, try these simple steps to achieve an effortlessly cool look:

1. Patterned Blazer

2. Solid dress shirt

3. Medium wash denim

4. No-show socks (during Summer)

5. White Sneakers

It helps if you keep your colors within the same family to maintain a streamlined look from head to toe.  I opted for a patterned blazer to add that pop, and a solid shirt to prevent the look from having too much going on up top.  I relaxed the look with some denim and classic white sneakers.  If you have time to accessorize, throw on a watch in the same color palette as your look + your favorite sunnies, and you’re all done! This look is perfect for everyday, and even takes you from weekend brunch to family dinner.  Hope you enjoy, and as always, you can shop the look below!


Blake Scott

Ashley Estrada

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