Everyday Express

It may get confusing from the title, but this post is not about wearing Express every day (literally), it’s about how we seamlessly incorporate Express into our daily lives. Over the past 3 months we have been sharing his and hers looks with Express’ new arrivals. The last two months have really focused on the broad range of denim and finding your ‘perfect fit’. To be honest, there weren’t many flattering options before – Ash and I speaking- and now, there’s such an impressive range for male and female in an abundance of sizing.

We have found our perfect fit, and now that we know we can rely on the denim from Express, we’ve branched out with new styles. Ash is wearing the bell flare dark denim, and i’m wearing black skinny. Since we both work from home, it’s important for us to create a routine so that we stay on track. A part of that routine is simply getting out of our pj’s and dressed for work in the morning – like any other job. It helps us get in the work mindset, and get straight to business. If we were to be in our pajamas all day- nothing would get done. Nothing.

We’ll do a few hours of work in the early morning then stop to play some tunes and tidy up around the house. Before getting back to the second half of our work day, we walk around DTLA and pick up some coffee. This way, neither of us gets burnt out, and we still maintain a balance.

Here are some casual pics of us that you can find on any given day in Casa Scott.

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