Experimental Blues

Blue is one of my absolute favorite colors- as you guys can probably tell – and I love experimenting with different shades and textures, especially when it comes to suiting.  I’ve actually had this suit in my collection for about 3 years and always seem to find a fun way to dress it up.  If you have the option to buy a 3-piece suit I say go for it.  You can create tons of new looks by wearing the pieces as separates, without the vest, and even trousers alone.  This is a great way to make that “investment” justifiable.

Today, I wanted a clean look since the suit color was a bit bold so I went with my go-to that never fails me: a crisp white button up shirt.  White shirts are so classy and so underrated.  I actually have more white dress shirts than anything else in my suiting collection. I added a muted lavender tie with brown accessories to keep everything nice and balanced.  This worn in brown shade complemented the blue very nicely- a perfect Spring pair!

Hope you guys enjoyed this styled look!

Ashley Estrada

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6 Responses to Experimental Blues

  1. Yes to blue

  2. Amazing look Blake! Love the suit and how you put it together!!



  3. Wow bro, amazing style!