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Today we’re getting a bit personal and discussing a topic I feel runs through our minds once we hit our 20’s- at least that’s when it began for me.   I feel at some point in every guy’s life, they begin to question hair loss.  What causes hair loss anyway?  and can I prevent it from happening to me?  I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Ablon, a board certified dermatologist and associate clinical professor of dermatology at UCLA, about my most poignant questions and concerns.

Below is my Q&A with Dr. Ablon, followed by my thoughts and recap for prevention.

1. BS: At what age can men begin to lose their hair? I’ve heard that heredity is a huge factor in hair fall, is this true? 

Dr. Ablon: 

•Hair loss is a result of a complicated set of both environmental and genetic factors, and how these factors play out are specific to each individual. It’s rare but some men can start losing their hair as early as 18 while others have a full head of hair when they’re 90. So, there is no specific age that we can point to and identify as the age that men start experiencing hair loss or hair fall from breakage.

•However, it’s important to understand the difference between hair loss and hair fall due to breakage. When we talk about hair fall due to breakage specifically, this isn’t something that is just impacted by genetics – everyday things your hair goes through like aggressive towel drying and even UV exposure can impact overall hair health.

•According to the Dove Men+Care Hair Fall Study, 81% of dermatologists cited physical stress on hair like pulling, aggressive grooming, combing or even towel drying as a factor that plays a role in contributing to hair fall from breakage in men. These physical stressors were named ahead of all other factors, including genetics (73%) and disease or disorder (58%).

•The most important step any guy can take to help prevent this hair fall is choosing the right shampoo. Designed for all hair types and men’s active lifestyles, Dove Men+Care has an extensive line of 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioners that are formulated to help make men’s hair stronger and more resilient.

2. BS: Why do Men go bald? And, why is it that some men lose their hair in the front, while others in the back (receding vs crown)?

Dr. Ablon: 

•Men lose their hair for a variety of reasons and include scarring and non-scarring alopecias. Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a genetically determined form of hair loss, which begins by converting terminal hairs into fine vellus hairs and eventually can lead to permanent destruction of hair follicles.

•Typically men will lose their hair with some receding followed by different degrees of vertex or crown hair loss, eventually leading to more and more hair loss. Some men may rest at different stages of hair loss with androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.

•Women have a different type of hair loss seen with androgenic alopecia.

3. BS: Is there are certain amount of time we should take when using Dove Men + Care Shampoo? 5-10 sec? Or longer?

Dr. Ablon: 

•Aim to wash your hair and massage the scalp for about 30 seconds. The more stimulation you have on the scalp, the greater the circulation. This in turn, promotes hair health and ultimately encourages natural hair growth.

4. BS: Guys are always told that they shouldn’t wash their hair daily, is this true?

Dr. Ablon:

•That’s not 100% true, it really depends on your hair type. It is often thought that frequent shampooing “dries out the hair’s natural oils.” However, shampooing if done correctly and with the right products can actually moisturize the hair and scalp.  The Dove Men+Care formulas are safe to use daily.

5. BS: I’m a huge fan of the blow dryer. Now, I know it’s not good for my hair, but I’m also not going to simply stop using it. What could I do to find a balance (I also don’t want to go bald)?

Dr. Ablon:

•We know that the more that you do to you hair, the more you’re damaging it, and as mentioned, over 80% of dermatologists cite physical stressors on hair fall as a cause of hair fall from breakage, which does include heat styling tools and over-styling.

•However, that’s not to say that you can’t stop using heat tools or styling hair! It’s just important to be aware of the toll it takes on hair and take steps to provide a solid foundation for optimal hair health – choosing the right shampoo that can actually strengthen the hair follicles and protect it from the damage of hair fall by breakage. I recommend the Dove Men+Care line of shampoos.

6. BS: What are some chemicals found in common grooming products that I should be aware of, to stay away from (Gel, Paste, Pomade, Hairspray)?

Dr. Ablon: 

•I don’t like to name names, but yes, certain chemical ingredients found in hair products can cause hair damage, shedding and fall. Preservatives that extend shelf life like formaldehyde and parabens are believed to affect hormones, ethanolamines, which break down keratin, can actually irritate the scalp, and polyethylene glycol takes moisture away from hair shafts. Try to stay away from products with these ingredients when you can.

I ultimately wanted to educate myself and my readers about how hair fall effect’s our hair and steps they can take to help.  What I’ve found is the modern man is actually experiencing stress on his hair all the time- these stressors in turn contribute to hair fall due to breakage.

Dove Men+Care hair products have been tested and show that they make hair stronger and more resilient. The Dove Men+Care range includes fortifying 2-in-1 shampoos and conditioners (which i’m currently using), that are designed to meet men’s specific needs.

You can visit DoveMenCare.com to learn more about how Dove Men+Care are #RealLifeTested.  Hope you guys enjoyed this informative type of post!

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