Favorite Reflective Glasses // @blakescott_

Sunglasses are by far my favorite accessory so I’ve been experimenting with different types and really like the reflective styles.

If you’re not looking for anything too crazy, start off with a frame shape that you’re comfortable with- for me, it’s the club master style- and opt for a reflective lens.  This way, you know you’re already used to wearing this type of sunglass, but now, you’re adding a subtle pop.  My rule of thumb for trying new things is to still keep it within your comfort zone.  You never want to wear ANYTHING that’s going to make you feel uncomfortable in any way because it shows and just doesn’t feel good.

Style is about expressing your personality and feelings to those around you; So, stay fitted and confident, and go out and chase those dreams!

Shop some of my favorite reflective lensed sunglasses below:

Ashley Estrada

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