Foggy DTLA

Being from Los Angeles, we don’t get too many “wintery” type days.  So, when Allen Daniel and I set out to do a regular photoshoot at 8am and noticed a deep heavy fog around DTLA, we jumped on it!  The morning light was mixed with a rich haze, which lead for an amazing backdrop everywhere we looked.  It was something out of Gotham City, where we could only see about 1/2 a block deep.

 I opted for some layers, since it was 58 degrees, and for us Angelenos it’s COLD AF! Sweater, scarf, denim, boots, and a coat were what I went with (see product list below for details). I’m one who repurposes pieces in my closet, so both this Suit Supply coat and vintage bag are items that I’ve had for a few years (and have been in tons of post).  The vintage bag holds sentimental value to me as I thrifted it nearly 12 years ago, and looks like it dates back from the late 60’s. It was truly one of those gems that I found just laying in a pile of rubbish at my local thrift store as a kid.

Both, growth and change can be good Gents, just always ensure you are rooted in knowing where you came from.  For me, it’s the fact that I started my blog with only thrifted items, and still till this day use them!

Blake Scott

Allen Daniel

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