Fresh Pressed Cleanse


Juices: Pressed Juicery, c/o
We teamed up with Pressed Juicery for their 3-day cleanse, and must say, it was a great success.
With successes, come challenges, and this cleanse was no different.
Our first day was by far the hardest.
By day two, we were amped, and at three ready to finish the day.
Overall, we were rather surprised by the amount of energy we had throughout the day.
In the beginning, we had some reservations about flavors and energy levels, and never encountered a problem with either.
 The juices were amazingly delicious- Greens 2 Ash favorite, Citrus 2 Blake favorite- so flavor definitely wasn’t comprimised.
We highly recommend the Pressed Juicery Cleanses to anyone looking to get the New Year off to a healhy start.  If you’re a first timer, and used to high calorie diets, try Cleanse 1.  If you’re an experienced juicer, try Cleanse 2.
I did the former, and Blake the latter.
If any of you choose to try the cleanses, tag us, and use the #freshPRESSEDcleanse to connect
with others, currently cleansing as well.
Twitter was so helpful, as everyone was encouraging us to hit the finish line.
It kept us motivated, and excited to succeed.
Thank you so much to Pressed Juicery for this opportunity.
Good luck to all, and cheers to a healthy 2014!
Ashley Tianah & Blake Scott

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