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We have partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond for the products you see in today’s post.  If you’re anything like us, sleep is a valued treasure in the household, though something we don’t prioritize enough.  Americans are currently the most sleep deprived they’ve ever been- whether that be caused by busy work and social life schedules, or something as simple as discomfort.  At the onset of our partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond, Ash and I took a sleep quiz to identify the type of sleeper we are. Getting better sleep begins with identifying the problems we face night after night, to therefore find a solution.  We were laughing as we read through the four types of sleepers, because we were able to easily identify ourselves. What was funny was that we discuss the type of sleep we had almost every morning, and always have the same complaints. 

I immediately identified with “the furnace sleeper”. I get so hot at night and end up kicking off all the blankets (sorry babe), and usually wake-up either soaked (gross!), or only with my briefs on.  Coincidentally, Ash calls me her “furnace” all the time, and we make jokes about it every night. Just a happy coincidence. Ash quickly identified with the over thinker. She stays up doing exactly that: over thinking.  Other nights it’s reading, researching online, browsing on her phone, watching movies. The list goes on. She’s tried everything from yoga to meditation apps to help her get to bed, but nothing has worked- until now!

Once our sleep type was identified, the sleep experts over at Bed Bath & Beyond recommended lists of products that could actually enhance our sleeping environment to get that quality sleep we so desperately need.  We picked out a few items in each category to put to the test. As the over thinker sleeper, Ash was first to grab her weighted eye mask.  She put it on and was snoring in minutes- yes, you snore babe! We put on our Therapedic TruCool mattress topper, and switched my pillows out to the Trucool foam pillow. I woke up so rested, and dry- for once! I couldn’t believe it.  Below you can find other items we chose to get better sleep and wake up happy. We’ll identify both our sleep types, with the related products, and a link to the landing page of Bed Bath & Beyond so you can take the sleep quiz as well. 

As I begin to delve deeper into wellness, I find that great sleep is absolutely necessary to adequately carry out daily functions.  Investing in better sleep should be at the forefront of our purchasing priorities. Bed Bath & Beyond is truly the destination for everything you need to sleep well and wake up happy!

This post is in partnership with Bed Bath & Beyond. All opinions are my own.


Sleep Styles

  • The Furnace- for sleepers often too warm
  • The Popsicle- for sleepers often too cold
  • The Knot- for sleepers often achy
  • The Over thinker- for sleepers often anxious

Sleep Products per our Sleep Style

the Furnace

the Over Thinker:

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