Go Bold with your suits!

In my opinion suits get a bad rep.  They are either associated with Wall street type dudes, or funeral attire.  I just recently asked a buddy of mine if he wanted to go suit shopping, and the answer he gave me was “sure, its time I get a new funeral suit”.  Upon hearing that I was shocked!  But, to his defense, he was referring to those old plain grey and black suits, the ones you do wear to funerals!  I asked if he wore suits on other occasions or simply for fun, and as I suspected he didn’t.  He told me he didn’t realize you could wear suits for fun, and also didn’t realize the array of fabrics and styles suits can be made of!

  So when I went to get a MTM suit made, I went ahead and went bold!  I went with something that could be worn to work, for fun, and as separates.  To me, suiting is a way of life!  And, regardless if you are getting your first suit, or 100th, have fun with it and make it an item you will wear throughout the year(s).  I treat my suits like any of my garments (just with a little more love), and wear them on the regular! I feel good, look good, and quite frankly just enjoy wearing them!  You should give it a try sometime.


Blake Scott

Allen Daniel http://www.allendanielphoto.com

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