Graphic Sweater

I’m not usually one for graphic sweaters nor tees, but this Lacoste one had me instantly. It’s very simple, and the color combination is versatile enough to wear regularly. It’s Monday, so we’re off to the market to prep for the week, dropping off clothes to the tailor, and prepping this weeks posts. Hope you all had a great weekend, and don’t forget you shop the post below by clicking the product links beside the hanger icon.

Blake Scott

Ashley Estrada

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2 Responses to Graphic Sweater

  1. DJ

    I normally stray away from pieces like this too, but when you catch something comfortable that’s versatile you can’t resist it!

    DJ- http://www.tailormade-style.com

  2. super Cool shots! That shirt looks nice, but those shoes I fell in love with 🙂
    New look on the blog: ‘ ICONIC 501 ‘
    Greets Jon