Honeymoon Necessities

After all of the nerves and excitement have passed from your Wedding Day, there comes a new type of enthusiasm, one of adventure and new beginnings: the HONEYMOON! Depending on your chosen destination, must-haves and necessities may differ, but what stays the same is the allure of seduction and romance which is perfectly embodied in BOSS The Scent Parfum– if you recall, this was also the scent on my wedding day! I decided to bring it along as a honeymoon necessity since the romantic scent enhances my mood, and further deepens the memories of our momentous day.

Ash and I chose to go somewhere neither of us had ever been and decided upon the countries of Zimbabwe and South Africa. Our first half would be an exotic safari adventure in the middle of the bush, while the latter would be romantic fun in the Cape. Our lodge in Zimbabwe was absolutely breathtaking and we were instantly enveloped into the rich and beautiful African architecture and decor. Our honeymoon suite was perfectly secluded on the outer rim of our property giving us complete privacy and relaxation with an open deck overlooking the vast dam and trees- what can be more romantic than that?!

Some of my other necessities after routine vaccinations back home were: SPF, boater hat, linen clothing, khaki trousers, binoculars, bug repellent, sunglasses, outdoor watch, and again, my fragrance, which I wore to intimate dinners in Zimbabwe and daily throughout the remainder of our stay in Cape Town. It was also a no brainer since my wife absolutely fell in love with the scent, and it acts as a constant reminder of our love and happiness from our special day.

If you’re interested in a new fragrance that’ll bring back or enhance that seduction with your special someone, I recommend BOSS The Scent Parfum. Add a spritz before your special date night and see how things unfold. Hopefully your partner enjoys it just as much as mine!

Cheers Gents,

Blake Scott

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Ashley Scott

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