How to match your frames to your outfit-Zenni

Today, I’m writing to let you know about Zenni Optical.  And, If you’re like me, an optical lover, this is going to blow your mindZenni is an online “eyewear for everyone” brand that is all about high quality, affordable eyewear that you’ll actually want to wear!  Their high-quality products at a lower cost make you want to own more than one (I own 3,lol).

Using Zenni’s Try-On technology, you can try every frame they sell virtually, and from the comfort of your own home. No need to spend hours at a store or secretly texting selfies to your friends for opinions. Just have your prescription ready , select your frames, and order! You can even add blue light protection by choosing their Blokz lenses. The best part is, you can have that high-end look on a Target budget. You know what that means…just keep adding to your cart without a worry. You may have come to the site for one pair, but you will leave with several.

Another great addition, and frankly another reason why you should buy a pair is the fact that they have styles for everyone.  Zenni has even gone so far as to build out a group of tastemakers for their Style Shops to curate frames with your style in mind. There’s literally every style you can think of from Retro, Street Style, Minimalist, Sporty and more. And don’t forget you can get various tints, shades, colors and even blue light blocker lenses.

Can you guess what style I went with? If you guessed Classic, you nailed it! For my first look I started with a salmon colored blazer, white dress shirt and printed trousers. Since the look is subtle, I opted for Classic Square glasses in a honey frame. My goal with this look was Italian summer style.


For my second look, I went with a more traditional attire in full brown suit.  This is optimal for meetings and first impressions as it is sharp, clean and dressed to impress.  For my eyewear, I went with a more “smart” look in the classic Tortoiseshell Escape frames. The look itself is more sophisticated, and the eyewear ties everything in nicely.

With my third and final look, I went with a casual to dress vibe.  Trousers, dress shirt and loafers, minus the jacket.  What I had in mind when getting this outfit together was an afternoon ice-cream date look.  You could easily wear this for gelato and carry it on to dinner.  The eyewear for this look was Aviator style Gold Unwind, intended to match my necklaces and watch.

Comment and let me know what pairs you pick up!

-Blake Scott Silva

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