Hugo Boss: Man of Today

​The Man of Today is bold yet classic, daring yet sophisticated.  Through the many forms the modern man takes: student, entrepreneur, son, father, husband, he lives his days with integrity and style, of course.  Bottled Tonic, the newest fragrance to join the Boss fragrance collection, embodies the characteristics of the modern man by integrating balanced fragrant notes of citrus and wood to aid in the conquering of your daily tasks.  As a Man of Today, I personally find fragrances with citrus notes perfect for all day task. Typically, my day starts early (5am) and doesn’t conclude until my very last meeting/photo-shoot (which at times can be 8pm).  I find the citrus provides a “freshness” to my day at any hour of the day.  It’s almost as if it gives me a sort of confidence, no matter what my day may bring.  The woody notes, bring a nice balance to the citrus and ensures my scent will last the full day.

​It’s from a nice cologne like Boss Bottled Tonic that I am able to boldly take on the day.  After adjusting my watch and applying my remaining jewelry, I always finish with fragrance; a spritz of a signature scent that gives the confidence that success is attainable.  My day-to-day activities always vary, so consistency in my daily regimen is very important.  As we take on tasks day to night, it’s important to remember our core values and carry out our days with substance.  There is no better time than the present to reflect on the lives we want to lead, rather than staring at our phones hoping for a “better one”.  The better life is what we as men (and women) create by working hard and honestly.  With a bold and sophisticated fragrance that embodies our masculinity, we have a revitalized confidence before hitting the town!

Check out the fragrance here!

*In partnership with Hugo Boss*

Ashley Estrada

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