In With the New

Tons of resolutions are created at the beginning of the New Year in the hopes of becoming better people, and accomplishing new goals.  This year, i’m focusing on my health and making it a priority to be actively involved in my community.  I partnered with Samsung to share how I integrate the new Gear S2 into my life.

By now you guys already know i’m a style guy- all about the style, fit, and functionality of a product.  The Gear S2 is perfect for my lifestyle because it’s sleek, modern, and operates efficiently to provide me with my daily steps, heart rate, and even water intake! It gives me a nudge when I haven’t done much activity, thus encouraging and reminding me to get moving on that resolution!  The sleek leather black band blends seamlessly with my day-to-day outfits, and can even transition to a more formal event.

If you’d like to check out more options regarding the Samsung Gear S2, click here. Let’s work together into a stylishly healthy 2016!

Ashley Estrada

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