Indochino: The Traveling Tailor

I visited Indochino’s Traveling Tailor pop-up in Beverly Hills on Friday.
I had the opportunity to build my own custom suit, and chat with Anthony- Retail Merchandising Manager- about the process that ensues beyond the measurements.
Stop by the pop-up, here until March 2nd, to begin building your custom suit!
Read along to check out my visit below…

Fabric swatches and selections available for your viewing pleasure.
 I like to feel textures, and see colors in person; It really helps me decide, and configure an image of the final product.
 Loved the set up at Indochino’s Traveling Tailor pop-up.  Huge trunks were opened with various selections of shirts, ties, blazers, and trousers neatly organized by type, and color.
 While waiting for my measurements, I picked up the latest issue of GQ for some quick inspo.
I was paired with Mr. Anthony Trinidad to build my suit, and take my measurements.
We had mutual vibes, and it really made the experience enjoyable.
His killer style also helped.. we had so much in common, and endless topics to chat about.
It’s great to speak to another guy about the importance of suiting.
 Undergoing my 14-point measurement.
I decided on the middle mannequins suit, which is part of their new collection.
I can’t wait to show you how I customized it, to fit my personal style and liking.
Make sure you stop by  The Traveling Tailor, here in Los Angeles until March 2nd.
Any non Angelenos?
Don’t worry, Indochino is making their way around a few more cities,
to help gents nationwide, build custom suits.
Big thanks to Andrea, Robin, Kyle, and Anthony for making this experience so memorable!
Blake Scott

Ashley Estrada

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