Just A Men Shoe at FN Platform

We visited our friends over at Just A Men Shoe (JAMS) in Las Vegas last week, showing at FN Platform.  We chatted with the man behind the shoes, and got to preview their new collection.
Here are some of our favorites…
The loafer is back, but this time, in leather, and all sorts of great colors.
One of the new standout colors this season offered by JAMS, is olive green.
It looked great on these double monks, as well as chukka boots, and the classic brogue.
Awesome new colors, textures, and finishes added to the Fall line.
Blake and Pedro- owner of JAMS- hanging out at the booth.
Do any of you have a current, or new favorite JAMS?
Let us know in the comment section below!
Blake Scott &Ashley Tianah

Ashley Estrada

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