Live in It

My day begins at 6am.  I post a pic to IG, make some coffee, and prep breakfast.

After a few hours, Ash joins me and we go over our itinerary for the day, week, and month.

By this time, it’s usually lunch, so we head out to grub and shoot.  Hours of our day are spent with our fellow Angelenos stuck in traffic- so lately, we’ve been scouting local locations to save time and be more efficient!

About now it’s coffee time, so we drive or bike to Local Fixture, pick up some stubbies then head back home to finish up the afternoon emails.

My wardrobe is full of versatile pieces that can take me day to night.  I enjoy a good functional piece of denim, and am so thankful that Paige came up with this ‘soft selvedge’ type.  It’s extremely lightweight, and perfect for all you lads that are always on-the-go!


#BlakeScott #LiveInIT

Ashley Estrada

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2 Responses to Live in It

  1. DJ

    What is that jacket made of? I love dressing up jeans, like I did in a recent post on my blog!


  2. nice and simple. like the shoes.