London Marriott Park Lane

Currently at the airport and sad to be leaving London after 5 full days of non-stop exploration and adventure.  Ash and I stayed at the beautiful London Marriott Park Lane right across from Hyde Park in the luxuriously chic Mayfair.  The more I travel, the more I realize how important your hotel location is to your overall experience.  Usually, our first time in new cities, Ash and I like to hit all the touristy spots of interest that are important to us- These are usually centrally located in big cities, with a few outliers further out.  At the top of our list was visiting the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and the London Tower.  We mostly walk on foot to get an intimate look at the city and get lost in every corner imaginable.  We also love trekking like the locals so we pre-ordered Oyster Cards to get us through the tube and all other public transport (more on this later).

Luckily for us, the Marble Arch tube stop was at the corner of our building, and a central line through London.  We hopped on and off countlessly to fulfill all of our adventurous dreams.  Our hotel was also minutes from Oxford Street, Soho, and Regent Street.  This is where we spent a bulk of our time checking out the infamous Selfridges, Liberty of London, and amazing restaurants and pubs. Our hotel offered complimentary breakfast at their exquisite restaurant: Lanes of London so we made sure to fuel up every am before hours and hours of exploration.

Although Ashley and I are organized with work and life, we’re very spontaneous travelers.  Very seldom will we ever make an itinerary for our trip, because we like the freedom of wandering about and spending as little or as much time in a given area as we’d like. Travel is very personal, and such a wonderful way to enrich one’s life.  Marriott’s prime hashtag is #TravelBrilliantly, and their hotel locations enable you to do just that!

I’ll be sharing a full travel guide with places we visited, what we ate, and how we got around the city so easily. Stay tuned!


Ashley Estrada

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