Lounging In my Loft.

Sometimes there are those days when you just feel lazy.  For me, it typically happens on a weekend, but can pretty must last the whole day.  Yesterday (Sunday), was one of those days for me.  I got dressed in my “Sunday’s best”, and had the idea of heading out to do a full day of shopping, coffee-shop hopping and maybe even a movie.  We’ll, I ended up just staying home in the loft with my wife, and we pretended as if we went out. lol. Pretended in the sense that we had date night in the comfort of our own home. I opted for a chill-upscale vibe, with denim, a sweatshirt, and a kick ass blazer.  Of course, my wife looked dashing as always (not pictured), but we simply chilled and enjoyed one another company in our own home.  There are those times Gents, when you just need to sit at home, sip on some whiskey, and enjoy the company you keep.

Peep the items I wore in todays post, below 🙂


Blake Scott

Allen Daniel

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