Meet & Greet // Blake Scott

Good Morning Everyone!

I’m so excited to announce that i’ll be touring with Nordstrom and Crosby Square to meet at several locations across the U.S. this May!  Our first stop is tonight at Nordstrom’s Union Square location in San Francisco.  Saturday, we’ll be hosting a daytime event in Seattle’s Flagship store.

We have tons of fun activities and raffles planned throughout the allotted time periods, so grab some friends, come on down, and shop with me!  Ashley and I are so excited to hang with you guys, and can’t wait to help you pick your perfect pair of Crosby Square’s- wait, that rhymes! LOL.

My future meet and greet details are posted in the first photo below, and I’ll be sure to send out reminders of the other locations the week of the event(s).

See you soon, San Francisco!


Blake Scott

Team TSE

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4 Responses to Meet & Greet // Blake Scott

  1. Such a bummer! Was so excited to see this announcement, only to be disappointed that I am out of town. Would have loved to have met and talked with you. I’m a blogger as well and would love to hear about your inspiration, as well as any tips you have for beginners! And all of that would have been much better in person. But hopefully I will have another opportunity. Cheers and enjoy Seattle!!

    • admin

      Aw, bummed we missed you Austin. Hopefully next time. I’m thinking of beginning a YT channel where I can answer all of your questions and expand more on these topics. I’ll keep ya updated.

  2. Blake, any possibility of a visit to Toronto any time soon?

    • admin

      Hopefully later this year. I’ll keep you guys posted on social!