Modern Gents

One of the many perks of visiting New York for Fashion Week, is meeting up with like-minded gents.
Eli, of North of Man, is a modern gent just like myself- he carries himself with class, poise, and has his own identity.
Check out a fun post I did with him and other friends during NYFW…

Had some fun chatting with these ladies in fur.
Rockin’ with my dude’s from Suit Supply:
Akief (@nodaysoff215), Eli (@elisoul01), and Wilson (@payampsw)
Sunglasses: zeroUV
Suit: Zara
Gloves: Topman
Scarf, Bow Tie, and Pocket Square: Vintage



It’s so awesome to meet guys as enthusiastic about Menswear as I am.
There aren’t many of us, so we have to support one another’s ventures, and motivate each other
to move forward, and grow.
Glad to see many more emerging Modern Gents.
Blake Scott & Ashley Tianah

Ashley Estrada

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