Modern T r a i l b l a z e r

The Modern Trailblazer is someone who takes risks and sometimes even breaks the rules to perfect and expand his craft.  I’ve teamed up with Montblanc to share my journey as an  Influencer, and discuss what it took for me to get where I am today.  Many of you don’t know, but when I began blogging, it was all bout cafe’s and eateries in my city- Los Angeles.  I was still in school with the hopes of pursuing my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  I was faced with many challenges and countless remarks  on how this wasn’t a ‘real job’.   But, what is a ‘real job’ per se?

If you’re ambitious enough to chase your dreams, and never stop reaching, even when the times get tough- anything is possible, and everything is achievable.  I will be sharing my full interview with Mont Blanc tomorrow, so stay tuned!


Blake Scott


Ashley Estrada

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