My Day in Mott and Bow

Wearing some of my latest acquisitions yesterday during golden hour.
All outfit details listed below…
Wearing a ‘Deadstock Navy Alberta Bloom & End’ stripe necktie (similar styles here), and a 1940’s blush selvedge pocket square- both by General Knot.
I felt the blush tones in the pocket square and oxford complimented the green of the blazer quite well.
The necktie incorporated both colors, and made for a seamless transition up top.
Introducing you guys to my newest babies from Andrés Sendra: custom hand painted double monks, just to my liking.  The finish on these monks are out of this world.
They have a rubber sole, which make long days in DTLA a breeze.
Also, wearing my favorite vintage briefcase that I thrifted ages ago.  It continues to age beautifully, and I have to keep myself from taking it with me everyday.  
As you guys know, I begin building my outfit off one key piece; today, jeans were the focal point.
These 4 month washed “Mosco’s” by Mott & Bow are perfectly distressed- not too much, not too little- and, lightweight to boot.  
Living in LA has many perks- i.e. our weather- so it’s great to find denim that’s breathable, and tolerable to wear all day long.  
I enjoyed learning about denim basics through the  Denim Science section of the Mott & Bow site.  Education is key in personal styling.  
It helps you make informed decisions, and recommendations to your peers.
Mott & Bow –understanding this concept- offers everyone this guide, to help you better understand the pieces your purchasing.
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Necktie & Pocket Square: General Knot, c/o
Blazer: H&M
Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Watch: Miansai
Anchor Bracelet: Maritime Supply Co., c/o
Denim: Mott & Bow, c/o
Socks: American Trench, c/o
Shoes: Andrés Sendra, c/o
We bumped into a few of you yesterday shooting this post.
Thanks so much for coming over and saying hello!
We love getting to know you guys, and always enjoy your company.
Have a happy and safe Friday everyone!
Blake Scott & Ashley Tianah

Ashley Estrada

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  1. iman

    you’re master of fashion mate!you’re world inspiration!love your style blakescott