My fave camel coat

Camel Coats have been a thing since long before Kevin McCallister’s dad wore his in Home Alone 2.  You see the thing about camel coats is that they do not only look cool, they pretty much go with any outfit.  If you are going to a formal dinner, and are wearing black trousers and a bow tie, bam the camel coat goes with it!  Or, if you are like me today, denim and a Ralph Lauren teddy bear sweatshirt will work seamlessly.  The coat itself is universal, and is definitely an investment piece I would recommend spending.  I got mine about 3 years ago, and its been the only camel coat i’ve worn since! Remember Gents, quality over quantity when it comes to key pieces. Here’s how I styled it on a rainy-snowy day in NYC!


Blake Scott


Ashley Scott

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