My Valentine

Not many of you know but Ash and I began dating in high school!  We are now engaged, and planning our wedding for 2016.

 When you’re in any relationship, it’s so important to make that special person in your life feel just that- special.  So many people ask how we keep the love alive and it’s simply honesty and communication.  Although they aren’t the easiest things to achieve in a relationship, they’re by far the most important.  We like to surprise each other with small gifts, and always give each other our utmost attention when we’re together. It’s so easy to sit through a dinner on your phone, but it’s much more meaningful to sit and listen to one another.  Ash loves comedy, so I try and crack jokes -which probably aren’t the funniest- but she loves them and gets a kick out of it e v e r y time!

We partnered with Sunglass Hut to share our love story this Valentine’s Day because it just made sense.  One of the first gifts we got each other were sunglasses- they’re by far one of our favorite accessories. Sunglasses are such a key element to a look, and can change your vibe in an instant.  We’ve been sunglass shopping together since we were teenagers and not much has changed! They’re our favorite thing to shop for, and still, one of our favorite gifts to exchange!

Kat Bien Aimé

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2 Responses to My Valentine

  1. Luismanuelcamacho

    I wish you the best luck to both of you, and congratulation for you wedding engagement, you look so happy together and I hope you continue be happy for ever, I love you guys…