Navy Staples

Keeping it simple in navy staples today.
Here’s what i’m wearing…
Apologies for the vibrant blue color, this blazer is actually a true navy.  I’ve had so much trouble with the Blogger platform when uploading my photos.
 It somehow always over saturates my colors, and –ugh- never mind that,
next week is a new story.  We’ll be launching our NEW SITE!!!
We’re so excited, and hope you are too!
So many cool things in store, gents 🙂

Blazer: Bar III (currently under $100)

Tie: Boga Official, ℅

Vest: Topman

Denim: Duffie, ℅

Belt: Anderson’s, ℅

Socks: Mack Weldon, ℅

Shoes: JAMS, ℅

Watch: Swatch (current faves under $40hereherehere)

Bracelets: Thread Etiquette (similar hereherehere)

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


Blake Scott

Ashley Estrada

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