New York Subtlety

Another belated post from my trip to NYFW. 
Here’s what i’m wearing…
The details on this American Trench coat are insane.  I especially love the hint of pattern underneath the collar. 
 We discovered these as we were placing layer upon layer to stay warm in New York.
It’s always the subtlety’s in garments, that make all the difference.

Wearing a crochet’d scarf by Ashley, an imperative tie, and imperative pocket square.
My Will Leather Goods ‘Attaché’ was another savior during NYFW.  I carried all my necessities- iPhone charger, invites, headphones, moleskin- to get me through the day.  Once I left my apartment in the morning, that was that; I didn’t return until evening- I had to be prepared all day long.
I met up with my dudes Denny and Steve at Lincoln Center.  It’s great catching up with friends during fashion weeks!

Sunglasses: zeroUV, c/o
Tie: imp3rative, c/o
Pocket Square: imp3rative, c/o
Coat: American Trench, c/o
Jeans: Duffie, c/o
Socks: American Trench, c/o
Shoes: Just A Men Shoe, c/o

Yesterday, I posted a pic on my Instagram asking where all my followers were from.
I was so amazed to see how many of you hail from all parts of the globe.
Thanks again, for interacting with me daily.
You guys rock!
Blake Scott & Ashley Tianah

Ashley Estrada

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