Nothing but Louvre

Visited the Louvre early in the day to avoid too many tourist groups.

Luckily, we were traveling during the low season so no particular place was overcrowded.  If you’re planning a trip to Paris, I would suggest January since there aren’t too many tourists, and the weather is still livable.  I absolutely hate the cold, so climate is always a factor when I travel.  Paris in January was amazing.  We were able to comfortably layer with knit sweaters and tweed coats, scarves, gloves, and beanies.

Being from LA, I don’t get the chance to really play with textures and dress up for Winter, so this was such a nice time to experience all of the above!  I can’t wait to experience Paris in the Spring, I hear it’s absolutely amazing.

For a day of touring the city, I kept the look simple with some of my favorite traveling  basics: Coat, scarf, cords, and comfy boots.  Make sure you guys are wearing warm and comfortable socks because your foundation is just as important as your shoe.  These things will make all the difference, especially if you’re planning to walk all day, like me 🙂




Ashley Estrada

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4 Responses to Nothing but Louvre

  1. The outfit and background match perfectly together! I just love how the coat color and pant color complement each other!


    • admin


      Thanks so much man. We take a lot of time scouting locations to best compliment each look. Thanks for noticing, very much appreciated!


      TSE Team

  2. ever thought of living in paris or just europe ?? you would blend in. You really look european too haah 🙂

    nice style man. Super dapper.
    Nice post! 😉
    New Look on Le Blog: ‘BAD ASS TIMBS’

    Greets Jon

    • admin

      We were out there for about a month, lol. Going to be visiting again in June. I love the European look, so cool!

      Thanks for all the support man!

      TSE team