On Broadway

I’ve been going on for a while about the newest renovations in my part of town: Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA).
From the Acne, to The Ace Hotel; Aesop, to the Urban Outfitters; exciting things are happening on Broadway, and I couldn’t be happier to experience it first hand.
Broadway has become a place for us to do work, have meetings, socialize, and blog, of course.
Based in DT definitely has it’s perks, and it’s such a different vibe from the West Side.
What are your thoughts?
Read along to see what i’m wearing, and how you can get your hands on everything…
Today, I combined a few of my current favorite items: Alexander Nash shirt; The Tie bar tie, and tie barZara suit (personally customized), and Dapper Time watch.
Went with my classic zeroUV Clubmasters, and neat hair- always.
Gentleman’s Tip:
With a stark black or navy suit, pair some red and/or blue accessories for that classic Americana look.
Top it off with a crisp, white shirt like this bad boy from Alexander Nash.
Small details such as collar type, can make all the difference in suiting, and casual attire.
The collar on this shirt is what initially drew my attention to the brand, and I knew it had to be mine.
The shirt fits like a glove, and is now a definite staple in my closet!
After doing some research on Alexander Nash, the brand; I became even more intrigued with Alexander Nash, the man.
 I rushed over to trustee ‘ole Google for a quick search.
Whilst browsing the site, I stumbled across a video i’d like to share with you today (HERE).
Hooked- instantly!
It’s so inspiring to see other men perfect their craft.
Take a look, and let us know your thoughts!
Blake Scott & Ashley Tianah


Ashley Estrada

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