Perfect Carry-On

 As i’ve begun traveling much more for work, I decided I needed a functional carry-on case since I hate checking bags.   The least I can pack and bring on a trip, the better.  Now, that’s much easier said then done.  I tend to lay everything i’d like to take out in the front room.  I slowly start building ‘realistic’ outfits for whatever type of trip i’m taking, then start removing items as I see fit.  This last month and a half has was pretty travel focused (as you can probably tell from my IG), so I was able to practice consolidating my things and only packing what was necessary.

It was important for me to not only find a luggage that would fit my sartorial needs, but that was also stylish and representative of my personality.  The F38 by Vocier was constructed for the ‘nomadic gentleman’. It’s sleek design and space saving compartments take away the overthinking of storage.  My id and passport fit very sleekly into the top handle, while my dopp kit slides into the upper compartment making it convenient for quick access items: eye drops, tylenol, tissue, comb, travel-size anything.  Since we take our work everywhere, Vocier was kind enough to send over a laptop kit that slides directly into the luggage handle.  My favorite part is the hidden garment bag that rolls into the cases interior- I pack at least one suit, a few buttoned shirts, and 1 to 2 jackets.  The hanger inserts directly into the luggage by a clasp which is awesome because you can easily transport your items from luggage to closet wherever you’re staying! The F38 keeps everything organized, and is suitable for worldwide travel.

Stay tuned for more tips on packing your Vocier luggage!

Ashley Estrada

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  1. DJ

    Talking about something made for the traveling man..I love all of them!

    DJ | http://www.collegestyleguy.com