#PersolIcons Miami Diary Part II

Photography: Ashley Estrada

Sunglasses: Persol


Sharing a few more photos from our Art Basel trip with Persol.These moments were caught between a relaxing cabana trip on South Beach,Art Basel Convention, and around our hotel.

The Shelborne was nothing short of amazing, and the staff was extremely friendly too!

The quiet oasis was full of life at every turn, with loungers relaxing by

the pool and beachfront.On our first day in Miami, we strolled through the entire resort finding quaint corners,

and artsy walls.  Above the main bar flashed a neon sign reading:

Too much is never enough

That became our motto for the remainder of the trip.

Travel is such an amazing opportunity for inspiration and reflection.

One can grow so much by sitting, listening, and observing the culture around them.

Exploring Miami through our #PersolIcons gave us a chance to

delve into a new place with utter confidence, and open minds.

Thanks again to Persol for making this trip possible-

we are forever grateful!


Blake & Ash

Ashley Estrada

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