Photo Diary from Goa, India

After packing our bags in Mumbai, the group headed to the airport.  Next stop: Goa!

Upon landing in Goa, we were graced with  miles of palm trees and tons of green.   Grand Hyatt Goa was simply bliss;  Immediately, it felt like we were in a different world.  Fresh coconuts awaited our arrival which was the perfect respite from the heat.  We dropped off our bags as quickly as our feet could get us there, and we began exploring the resort.  Portuguese influence is especially heavy in Goa, and was evident throughout the city.  We drove through winding roads, up mountains, and into quaint towns nestled between the trees.  The people seemed much calmer but I guess that’s true in most beach towns!

Goa’s Grand Hyatt team surprised us with the most amazing Medieval dinner setup beside a 16th century church on the property grounds.  EPIC doesn’t even begin to describe the evening.  We drank custom cocktails under the stars, and listened to live piano beneath a century old tree.  The group was in paradise.  WE awoke the next morning to an early yoga session, then more exploring throughout the town.  We took an adventurous fishing trip in the sea, and even used traditional Goan fishing tools in the water.  Our second afternoon in Goa was  left for swimming in the pool, or treatments in their award winning spa.  We enjoyed the latter and then prepared for a hilltop sunset dinner overlooking the Indian Ocean.  We sat with our group and chatted for hours at Thalassa- a laid-back, great vibin’ Greek taverna.

Our final day was spent exploring the local market.  We shopped for ceramics, market bags, bangles, spices, and even drums.  Crowds of people were shopping for their Diwali festivities- think Americans during Christmas time: chaotic and happy :).  Luckily, we were with a guide who helped us haggle our way through the market!  Everyone left happy with tons of gifts in tow to share glimmering memories of our time in Goa.  Thankfully, each of us were given creative freedom to explore what the #LivingGrand hashtag meant to us.  How do you sum up an experience of a lifetime?  I guess I would have to say it was… GRAND!

Hope you enjoy the photo diary below!

Ashley Estrada

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