Risk not Regret

 My daily routine consists of many of the same elements- coffee,
emails, meetings, lunch; more coffee, more emails- that often times I find myself
in a sort of creative block.  It becomes habitual to frequent the same places out
of convenience, that we begin to lose sight of the many things that make up our city.
Sometimes, a quick change of scenery is just the ticket to get you
out of your funk.  Today, Ash and I ventured over to Griffith Observatory to watch
the sunset and gather some much needed inspiration.
 While overlooking the city, I began contemplating about the evolution of my blog
within these last 18 months.  The risk I took to make this thrive and mold into 
the platform that you see here today. 
 So many times we as bloggers gear towards the same backgrounds (brick), the same location, and even the same look.  My look today with Hudson today has a more edgy appeal to it, somewhat of a rebel look…Rebel without a Cause! (anyone notice the pun?!?!)
The olive bomber fit so well, I was able to wear it buttoned and opened.
The black trimming was my favorite part of it, I think it tied the whole jacket together.
We all know the denim that Hudson is responsible for and has perfected over the years. These black Moto denims are no different, stellar in fit and style to say the least.  

A twist to the everyday black denim that provided me with the Risk not Regret mood I was in.

Blake Scott


Ashley Estrada

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