Setting The Bar

Excited to commence my partnership with Bar III over the next few months, showcasing how #SettingTheBar goes well beyond the clothes on your back.  Many of you long time readers already know my mantra: It’s all about the FIT!  

Fit gives you the ability to look refined and chic without the hefty price tag.  If you don’t like something off the rack, head over to your tailor- Gents, you should have one by now, and if not, start looking- and make some quick fixes appropriate for you body type and personal style.  I like a very polished and tailored look which BarIII is able to accommodate.

#SettingTheBar is about someone who doesn’t settle, and always gives that extra effort.  Hope you enjoy this first look of my campaign, and can’t wait to share more!

-Blake Scott

Ashley Estrada

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