Spring Flair with INDOCHINO!

When choosing a suit, I always ask myself two questions: 1) What’s the occasion and 2) Do I want a custom Made to Measure (MTM) or off the rack suit? This particular time I knew I wanted something for spring! I’ve partnered with INDOCHINO to get a fully customized MTM suit with the added flair of color to ring in the new season.

I envisioned this suit to be bold, with wide peak lapels, side tabs, and the whole nine! As you can tell, I got exactly what I wanted: a teal wool-silk blend that would surely turn heads. The whole process was easy. It took 2 fittings and 4 weeks to get it done. When I went in for my final fitting, we did minor touch ups (I’m super picky) and I was told that my measurements would always be in the system for convenience of future orders! How sweet is that? Furthermore, the suit would have a quicker turnaround since my profile was already complete to my personal liking.

The first day I received the suit, I threw it on and carried on with my day as per usual. It was a super hot day here in LA, and I was glad I made the fabric choice (wool-silk) that I did. It was extremely breathable, and everywhere I went, I received a ton of compliments. I even wore it to my local liquor store, which ended up coming in clutch for the perfect shooting location. Drop me a comment below, and let me know your thoughts on my INDOCHINO suit.

Ashley Estrada

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4 Responses to Spring Flair with INDOCHINO!

  1. Zack Bjorkman

    I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the quality of these suits from Indochino (i.e. quality of wool, stitching, etc.). I like their business model and their range of suit options. Just haven’t pulled the trigger on purchasing quite yet. Their prices are very attractive (especially for MTM), but is it too good to be true?

  2. Chris

    Love the whole look my man, those shoes really bring it all together! Are the button holes functional on the sleeve?

  3. Luis

    How much did it cost you?

  4. Rey.createstyle

    I want this exact suit! The color with the buttons is perfect and definitely fashion forward!