St. Regis Florence

The culture of Firenze is reflected through the historic architecture, rich cuisine, and killer style-  All of which blend seamlessly into the St. Regis Florence.  St. Regis goes beyond the hospitality factor and ups any expectation you may have of superior service and generosity.  As you walk the pebbled road into the hotel doors you are graced with pure elegance and a decadent interior- immediately you are transported and immersed in the beauty, grace, and magic of Florence.

Ash and I had the privilege of staying in one of the hotel suites to celebrate her birthday.  The team made her feel extra special with a personalized card and chocolate cake- her fave- when we returned from touring the grounds.  I was blown away and extremely grateful that they took the extra effort to make us feel so valued.  We snapped some pics to share a part of our exquisite experience.  If you ever find yourself in Firenze, you know where to check in!

Ashley T. Estrada

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  1. DJ

    Sweet hat! Fits right in with the culture

    DJ | Menswear & Personal Development