Stepping out in Brooks Heritage

Love the look of these Varsity Charity sneakers by Brooks Heritage.

There are several color combos, but I decided to start with the basics: blue/yellow and red/white.  Apart from being stylish, I like these sneaks because they offer tons of support.  This style is actually the original design for runners in the eighties.  Now, Brooks modernized the shoe for style, while maintaining all of their key features for comfort and support for the everyday man.

These are a great addition to my collection, since I’ve been walking triple what I used to before moving to Downtown.  Lately, I’ve been all about the sneaker and have been having so much fun exploring all the new styles on the market.

As always, you can shop the look below!


Ashley Estrada

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3 Responses to Stepping out in Brooks Heritage

  1. Not a fan of sneaker but this got my attention, the look so comfortable. Nice post

    • admin

      Thanks man. Since moving to Downtown, I wear sneakers on the daily and really enjoyed these. Comfortable and cool!
      Team TSE

  2. DJ

    I’m a huge fan of these, probably the closest thing to a new balance but more dressy.

    DJ | Founder & Editor of College Style Guy